DNP ICC Profiles for Silver and Metallic Media and ICC Installation Instructions

New Luxury ICC profiles for DNP dye-sub printers are here. No more headaches with creating custom color profiles and make the best out of your luxury media. These ICC profiles are for the DNP DS40, DS80, DS620A and DS820A dye-sub printers.

There are two new profiles for the metallic finish, Plus and Ultra. Plus gives more density and helps with the colors and details on the print. The Ultra increases the saturation but adds a little magenta to the image. Try samples with the original ICC, the Plus ICC, and the Ultra ICC to see which one you like the best.

For the Silver Pearl Finish, there is only the Plus ICC. It adds more density, much like the Plus ICC for the Metallic Finish, but not too much saturation or magenta.

Metallic and Silver-Pearl medias have rich blacks, excellent sharpness, depth and clarity. They both have a metallic look that few other medias can offer, and the images almost look like they are coming off the page. The Metallic media paper has a silver-pewter finish that really pops when there is no part of the image in that area of the print, especially a white area with black and white photos. You can see the paper color through the white and it really shows off the metallic look. The Silver Pearl has a pearlescent finish that really glistens when light hits it. It gives great skin tones and nice soft edges for a fine art look. Use these new medias to provide the wow factor for your clients and a nice upgrade option for higher sales.

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The ICC profiles are a free download from DNP

DNP recently developed and released new ICC profiles for the DNP DS-RX1DNP DS40 Photo Printer, and the DS80 Photo Printer. All new driver CDs from DNP have the updated ICC profile but you can also download the profiles from DNP’s download page.

We have found that the new DNP ICC profiles produce excellent color.

Follow these steps to install the color profile:

  1. Download and extract the file to a known location.
  2. Right click the file and select “Install Profile”
  3. Note: When this is done, nothing visible will happen. The color profile will be added to a list of profiles for every printer and device installed on the computer. We will now have to direct the DNP printer to this profile manually.
  4. Go to ‘Devices and Printers’, right click on your printer icon and select ‘Printer Properties’
  5. On the window that appears, go to the ‘Color Management’ tab and click on the ‘Color Management’ button.
  6. Under the ‘Devices’ tab, select the DNP printer you are using as the specified device.
  7. Select the ‘use my settings for this device’ box.
  8. Click the ‘Add button at the bottom of the screen and navigate through your list of color profiles until you find the new DNP one. Again, your list will contain all color profiles installed on your computer so make sure to select the correct one. Hit ‘OK’ when selected.
  9. Now that this profile has been added, select the old profile, click remove, and hit ‘Close’.

Remember, in the case that you use a different port and the printer recognized a new printer.the driver will completely reset. When/if this happens, the driver will automatically set the ICC profile back to the older version. Keep the new ICC profile handy and always remember to use the same ports

If you have questions about the profiles, DNP Photo printers or if there is anything else we can help you with please contact us

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