Introducing the DNP DS820A Dye Sub Photo Printer

The DNP DS820A was introduced at the beginning of the year. It produces classic portraits to stunning panoramic prints. With significantly improved throughput, better quality and new finishes, you’ll be impressed with everything this new commercial printer has to offer. From studio shots to off-site events, the compact and lightweight DS820A can be transported from a studio to an event and back again.

Panoramic Prints

The DS820A can print standard 8 x 10″ and 8 x 12″ prints, and prints as small as 8 x4″, but it can also produce panoramic prints 8 x 18″, 8 x 22″, 8 x 26″, and 8 x 32″

The DS820A can also produce stunning 8 x 18″, 8 x 22″, 8 x 26″, and 8 x 32″ panoramic photos printed from DNP’s 8”x10” media. To enable panoramic printing, the user must be printing through DNP’s new Hot Folder Print (HFP) Utility v2.2.

Panoramic prints use standard DS820A media.

  • 8×18 size prints use the equivalent of 2 8×10 prints worth of media
  • 8 x 22″, 8 x 26″, and 8 x 32″ size prints use the equivalent of 3 8×10 prints worth of media

*When printing pano prints the printer will print the image in sections and the paper will exit and rewind into the printer several times before being cut. Standard and enlargement print trays cannot be used

Improved Print Quality

Fine prints with richer color and blacker blacks. The DS820A provides maximum color density and a higher gloss finish for deeper richer color and blacker blacks to enhance your photographic expressions.

New Luster (Semi-Gloss) and Fine Matte Finishes

The DS820A provides the standard glossy and matte finishes, but also adds a new refined “Luster” and a “Fine Matte” finish.  With a slightly textured surface and smooth pattern, the effect is great for fine photography.

Significantly Improved Print Throughput

Compared to the current 8″ model, the DS80, the new DS820A printer has significantly improved print throughput from 86 prints per hour to 125 prints. It also increased the durability of the thermal print head and reduced 98% standby power consumption compared to the current DS80 model.

Learn more about the DNP DS820A

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