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Product Description

The DNP 10UPC-X46 4″ x 6″ Self-Laminating Color Printing Pack for the Sony UPX-C200 system contains 10 packs of 25 sheets and 10 packs of ink ribbon for a total of 250 prints.


  • Use with Sony Passport Systems models UPXC100, UPXC200, UPXC300 systems, Sony UPDX100 Printer and DNP  ID-400.
  • Contents: 10 packs of 25 sheets; 10 ink ribbons
  • Total of 250 prints
  • Size: 4 x 6 inches


Note: As of May 2011, the Sony 10UPCX46 is manufactured by DNP.
(UPCX46, UPC-X46, 10UPC-X46, 10UPCX46)