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Product Description

Mydoprint SPV Bleach–Fix Replenisher has been engineered for improved stability and enhanced processing latitude in a wide and diverse range of applications.

It is the ideal companion for the Standard, LORR or Professional range of SP Developer products. Mydoprint SPV Bleach–Fix Replenisher does not require additional additives or preservatives to extend the working life.

As a drop-in-replacement product it performs at the same processor settings and specifications as the original Mydoprint SPV Bleach–Fix Replenisher, however, this NEW GENERATION product has been designed to:

  • Produce exceptional print quality with improved contrast throughout the complete tonal range for rich, vivid prints and deep D-max densities.
  • Consistently deliver excellent D-min values, a critical requirement for all flex and transparency media.
  • Provide outstanding process stability in both high volume and moderate workflow conditions.
  • Variable operating specifications providing versatility in application.
  • Keep your processor clean and free of chemical deposits, reducing sock/roller staining.
  • Replenishes at 108 mls or 215 mls SQM.

Safety Data Sheet