Test Before, Save Money

Whether it’s the busy season or not, life has a way of becoming complicated. Whether you’re shooting, printing, editing or a bit of all three it pays to be prepared. Testing your equipment beforehand will save you a lot of headaches.

For those of you photographers who print on location, we suggest testing your equipment a week before the next job.  I know we all get busy but if you think about it, testing ahead will give you time to fix anything that is not working or any surprises that pop up. If you need media or you’re not sure if you need media, isn’t it better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it? This goes for Photo Labs and Printers as well. Last minute orders that require overnight and/or Saturday delivery can be very expensive. Keep in mind that shipping days are business days so you need to account for weekends and holidays. We can ship overnight or in two days but if you plan ahead you can save money.

Another issue that comes up is not testing new software beforehand. You want to look professional in front of your customers so prepare beforehand and know at least the basics of your software. It’s always awkward with a customer hanging over your shoulder while we give you advice.

Be sure to update your computer before a job.  Windows 10 can sometimes install and blow all your printer drivers away.  Other upgrades/updates can affect your drivers too.  If you update, do it several days before your event in order to work out all the kinks.  Also, you can set your laptop to NOT install the updates until you say so.  Search “turn off updates” in the search function of your operating system. This keeps you from being locked out of your equipment waiting for the process to finish because it decided to automatically update itself. You can’t stop it once it started.

We are here to help you always but these are just a few things you can do to avoid running into a snag that can cost you time, money or clients.

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